Images that Inspire

Awesome Picture1Can you imagine anything more awe inspiring that this?

Can you tiptoe through the sand, feeling it slide away from your foot, with no sound but the quiet breathing of camel and humans as they traverse this magical landscape.

The sky ablaze in gold.

The sand sparkling in diamond cut brilliance.

All golden.

All silent.

Reach forth and touch the one who made this.

Be still, and hear the breath of God.

Let the tear that involuntarily falls sweeten the sand, knowing that the salt that kisses the grains of sand may not be touched by another life for a thousand years.

The journey is at hand.

God beckons.

Faith calls.

We step forth into the unknown.


Loving the universe.

enchantmentLove life as it strives forth in glorious splendor.

Love God who made this possible.

Seek the sublime in each moment, reach for heaven.

Beauty is soft and gentle, raging in wildness, harsh in violent yearning to be.

It is no less itself because unseen. It becomes for its own desire to be.

We peek as intruder upon such a scene, and are blessed in the glow of transcendent time.

God whispers.

Eyes have not seen the wonder that is God.

Hearts know. tree-tunnel-halnaker-england-1Do you dare to walk this walk?

Do you dare to enter into the hole?
You do not know where it will end.
If it will end.
How it will end.
Do you dare to walk this walk?
Probe the depths of infinity, or?
Find your God, yourself, your alter ego?
Do you dare?
Peace, sublime quiet.
Do you dare?
Can you stop the noise in your head?
Can you hear the voice of angels?
Can you bear the beauty?
Do you dare?
Tip toe, be in awe.
Whisper only here.
Breathe lightly, sweetly, the fragrance of life.
Tread carefully, touch tenderly.
Eyes melting into the distance.
Hurry to see, no savor each instant of bliss.
Let it not end.
Do you dare to walk this walk?

The amazing thing about life is that it always seems to find a way.

It is a lesson for all of us.

alwaysAnd we too can find a way through any adversity. Because life is not meant to be fair. It has nothing to do with fairness. It has to do with learning lessons, and when we don’t learn them easily, they get harder until we do. And learning one makes us perhaps little better to learn the next. The journey is really an adventure. Be life. LIVE.

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